Why A Microgrid?

An aging, inefficient power grid

The North American grid goes back to the days of Edison. It is complex and inefficient. Electricity travels vast distances, losing power along the way. It is costly and inefficient to build enough generators to meet the high energy demands of summer, while operating below capacity for the rest of the year. And as we learned in the Northeast blackout of 2003, it is susceptible to prolonged outages for reasons out of our control.

Increasingly unpredictable weather

Our climate is changing: from the hurricanes that impact the Eastern Seaboard, to the increase in tornadoes throughout Ontario. Not to mention the ice storms that can wreak havoc on the grid.


It’s up to our community to ensure we have sustainable electricity infrastructure in case of an emergency. The Community Energy Park reduces our dependence on the grid, forming a community hub with self-sustaining electricity and heat in an emergency.

   How it Works   


The YMCA, Aquatic Centre and Memorial Gardens already use natural gas to heat their spaces, pools and domestic hot water needs. But what if we could also make electricity at the same time? It’s called cogeneration, and combined with solar energy and microgrid technology, it’s a game changer!


Preparing for the grid of the future

The future of power generation is local. Our society has set a path to reduce
dependence on large, centralized power plants in favour of more resilient, local power generation. North Bay Hydro Services and its partners are making this future a reality. The Community Energy Park increases our energy independence and blazes a trail that others will follow.

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